Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 and ‘Suits’ Returns with a new Spin

Two beloved television shows are making a comeback. The second half of “Yellowstone’s” fifth season promises more drama and intensity. Suits returns to the screen with a new spin that offers fans a different perspective on the world of law. Let’s get into the excitement of these anticipated return. “Yellowstone” Season 5 Part 2 – The Dutton Saga … Read more

The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) Return with a New spinoff Series: 4 ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Another addition to the “Big Bang Theory” universe is on its way. Chuck Lorre, who co-created “The Big Bang Theory” as well as its spinoff “Young Sheldon,” is in the early stages of developing another comedy series derived from that IP via his overall deal at Warner Bros. Television. The news came out of Warner … Read more

Simone Biles makes history at world gymnastics championship after completing challenging vault

Simone Biles made history during her return to international gymnastic competition as she completed one of the most challenging vaults in the sport on Sunday.  The four-time Olympic gold medalist became the first woman to land a Yurchenko double pike vault internationally at the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships in Belgium. Video shows the 26-year-old sprinting down the … Read more

Dolphins Cheerleader Going Viral Ahead Of The 2023 NFL Season

It’s very apparent that Dolphins cheerleader Jozie Schroder is ready for the 2023 season to begin. Prior to the Dolphins’ preseason opener against the Falcons, Schroder posted a few photos of her suiting up for Miami on Instagram. “Miami Dolphins play football today,” Schroder wrote as her caption. “Say it louder for the people in … Read more

$80k Bicentennial Quarter Headlines List of 5 Other Valuable Quarters

A remarkable discovery has sent shockwaves across the numismatic community, where history whispers via clinking coins. A seemingly innocuous bicentennial quarter, issued in 1976 to honor America’s 200th birthday, has been valued at an astounding $80,000. This expensive price is due to a rare manufacturing accident that resulted in an off-center strike that left Washington’s … Read more

Burrata Caprese Recipe (Ready in 10 Min!)

Simple recipes are where it’s at, am I right? And it doesn’t get much easier than this 3 ingredient salad (6 if you could olive oil, salt, and pepper!).As with a lot of my favorite recipes, this is more of a suggestion than an iron clad recipe. You can use whatever kind and amount of tomatoes you … Read more

10 Rare State Quarters Worth Money

With so many “regular” state quarters in circulation that have no value, finding modern U.S. quarters can be difficult. Which are valuable?Most U.S. state quarters in pocket change are worth 25 cents, especially if worn. Here’s a list of uncommon and valuable ones.1999-P Delaware Spitting Horse Quarter: $10–$20Collectors can look forward to the Spitting Horse … Read more

$70k Bentennial Leads Pack, 3 More Quarters Top $1,500

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The realm of numismatics, where tattered trinkets become treasures, has erupted once more. A rare Bicentennial quarter, struck in 1976 to honor America’s 200th birthday, has lately been valued for an astounding $70,000 price. This stratospheric value originates from a one-of-a-kind manufacturing accident that resulted in an off-center striking that partially eclipsed the iconic Liberty … Read more