10 Rare State Quarters Worth Money

With so many “regular” state quarters in circulation that have no value, finding modern U.S. quarters can be difficult. Which are valuable?Most U.S. state quarters in pocket change are worth 25 cents, especially if worn. Here’s a list of uncommon and valuable ones.1999-P Delaware Spitting Horse Quarter: $10–$20
Collectors can look forward to the Spitting Horse die in the inaugural 50 State Quarters series.

Which Spitting Horse? The 1999 Delaware Quarter reverse shows politician Caesar Rodney on his horse. amid honor of the Founding Father’s 70-mile nocturnal run amid a thunderstorm. He rode from Dover, Delaware to Philadelphia to break a deadlock that resulted to the Declaration.

Some 1999 Delaware quarter strikes have a raised line from the horse’s mouth to the left. It’s between “C” and “A” in “CAESAR.” This line was generated by a noticeable die break on certain 1999 Delaware quarters.

How many errors were made is unknown. No mistake coin mintage is published. They were once uncommon state quarters that sold for $250 to $500 when found.The 1999 Spitting Horse Delaware quarter has become more frequent over time. Prices have fallen as interest in this coin has declined. This intriguing type still costs $10–$20.

  1. 2004-D Extra Leaf Wisconsin Quarter: $50–$65

Two unusual variants appear on the 2004-D Extra Leaf Wisconsin quarter. Two separate additional leaf types make these two variants odd. Some numismatists believe the extra leaf variants were purposeful rather than a die break.

Extra High Leaf Wisconsin State Quarter 2004
2004-D Extra Leaf High State Quarter, Wisconsin. Image: USA CoinBook

The “Extra Leaf” anomaly includes the Extra High Leaf and Extra Low Leaf mistakes. Both relate to a long leaf on the corn stalk’s bottom left between the main left leaf and the cheese wheel.

A thin leaf near the cheese wheel’s top turns into the corn stalk’s larger left leaf on the Extra High Leaf version. On the Extras Low Leaf, the addition arcs across the cheese wheel and disappears behind it.

When discovered weeks after the coin’s debut, these two variations captivated the numismatic world. Even evening news programs covered them. The coins sold for $500 or more when they initially appeared.

Prices for these coins have dropped as the hoopla has subsided. Recently circulated Extra High Leaf samples sell for $65 and Extra Low Leaf examples for $50.

  1. 2005-P $5 to $100 Minnesota Quarter Doubled Dies Quarter
    The 2005-P Minnesota quarters influenced error and variety coin collecting. This issue produced over 60 doubled die variants. The state known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes is honored by adding spruce trees to the reverse of this coin.

2005 Minnesota Quarter
2005-P Minnesota Doubled State Quarter. Image: USA CoinBook

It would be difficult to analyze the dozens of known doubled dies for this coin in this article. The most obvious doubling kind can be found by looking for ghostlike outlines of an extra spruce tree near the third and fourth major trees to the right of the big Minnesota state boundaries.

The 2005-P Minnesota quarter values vary greatly. The most noticeable of the $50–$100 duplicated deaths. The rarer doubled dies for this series have lower coin values of $5 to $25, depending on their size and condition.

  1. 2009-D DC Doubled Die Quarter: $75
    The 2009 DC quarter is part of the six-coin Washington D.C. & U.S. Territories Quarters program. It continued the 1999–2008 50 State Quarters initiative in 2009. Puerto Rico, Guam, and others were included. The US Mint issued silver proof sets of some of these coins.

District of Columbia Quarter 2009
DC Quarter, 2009. Image: USA CoinBook

However, this one-year-only commemorative quarter set is typically collected with the classic state quarter series and is included here. On the back of the 2009 DC quarter is jazz pianist Duke Ellington.

Some 2009-D DC quarters have “the most dramatic doubled die in years,” according to Numismatic News. What is it? “ELL” in Duke Ellington’s name is strongly doubled on this die. Some piano keys and surrounding elements double.

DC doubled die quarters from 2009-D were popular in the hobby. Collectors found the currency in circulation and included it in state quarter sets. In March 2009, these 2009-D District of Columbia doubling dies sold for hundreds of dollars. Circulated examples price around $75 now.

  1. 1999-S The 1999 Pennsylvania Proof Silver Quarter costs $35. Pennsylvania Proof Silver Quarter. Image: USA CoinBook

Second 1999 state quarter design was Pennsylvania. The coin’s 804,565 mintage is quite modest considering the hundreds of millions of circulation strikes. Design inscriptions highlight “VIRTUE, LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE.” Knowing that Philadelphia was the first American capitol makes these themes more fitting.

This State Quarter is one of the most exquisite and made of 90% pure silver. Proof finish reflections highlight the relief area of the design. Coins typically cost $35 or more.

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