Mediterranean Diet Breakfasts That Can Help Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can contribute to a variety of health problems, from indigestion to achy joints. The good news is that some of our favorite nutrient-dense breakfast foods, like eggs, oats and berries, can help tamp down inflammation and its negative effects. These recipes are rich with those anti-inflammatory ingredients and can help you follow the Mediterranean diet, a customizable eating pattern that focuses on healthy fats, lean protein, whole grains and plenty of fruits and veggies. Recipes like our Muffin-Tin Omelets with Feta & Peppers and Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Toast are healthy ways to fuel your day.

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Spinach, Mushroom & Egg Casserole
This delightful spinach, mushroom and egg casserole is layered with earthy cooked mushrooms and baby spinach, fluffy eggs and nutty cave-aged Gruyère that deepens the flavor. Serve this easy casserole for breakfast, brunch or even dinner with a green salad on the side.

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Egg Sandwiches with Rosemary, Tomato & Feta
These hearty breakfast sandwiches are packed with ingredients popular in the Mediterranean diet, including feta, tomato and spinach.

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Muffin-Tin Omelets with Feta & Peppers
These Greek-inspired baked mini omelets are the perfect breakfasts on the go. Mix the batter the night before, and they’ll be ready to bake in the morning. Once they’re baked, you can keep these tasty omelet muffins in your fridge or freezer for future meals. Double score!

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Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Toast
Here’s the latest and greatest addition to your morning breakfast ritual. (Thank you, TikTok!) The yogurt mixed with the egg becomes custardy—almost like a cheese Danish—when baked, and the protein from both will give you an energy boost to tackle your day.

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Frittata with Asparagus, Leek & Ricotta
Serve this spring-vegetable-loaded frittata with an arugula salad and a hunk of crusty bread. Tip: This recipe cooks quickly, so be sure to have all your ingredients prepped and ready to go.

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3-Ingredient Baked Feta & Cherry Tomato Egg Muffins
The baked feta and cherry tomato pasta became famous on TikTok and Instagram for good reason—the combination is delicious! Here we transformed this trend into a super simple three-ingredient breakfast option you can enjoy all week long. All you need to do is fill muffin cups with halved cherry tomatoes and cubed feta, then fill with beaten eggs and optional fresh basil and bake until set. It’s an easy, oh-so-tasty way to start your morning.

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3-Ingredient Overnight Berry Muesli
Using prepared muesli is an easy way to add different grains, nuts and dried fruit to your overnight oats, without needing to buy them separately. Opt for frozen mixed berries instead of fresh, as frozen berries will release juices as they thaw in the fridge.

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Mixed-Berry Breakfast Smoothie
Smoothies are popular for breakfast, but many don’t have enough calories or nutrients to be considered a complete meal. This creamy berry smoothie has the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat, and will keep you satisfied until your next meal.

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Muffin-Tin Spinach & Mushroom Mini Quiches
Switch up your morning routine with these easy vegetarian mini quiches. Earthy mushrooms and spinach pair nicely with rich and creamy Gruyère cheese. Serve them on a platter with a fresh fruit salad for a simple weekend brunch.

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Spinach & Egg Scramble with Raspberries
This quick egg scramble with hearty bread is one of the best breakfasts for weight loss. It combines protein-packed eggs and superfood raspberries with filling whole-grain toast and nutrient-rich spinach. The protein and fiber help fill you up and keep you going through the morning.

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