Dolphins Cheerleader Going Viral Ahead Of The 2023 NFL Season

It’s very apparent that Dolphins cheerleader Jozie Schroder is ready for the 2023 season to begin. Prior to the Dolphins’ preseason opener against the Falcons, Schroder posted a few photos of her suiting up for Miami on Instagram. “Miami Dolphins play football today,” Schroder wrote as her caption. “Say it louder for the people in the back.”

Schroder’s post received more than 2,000 comments and a handful of comments. Schroder has been a cheerleader for the Dolphins for several years. Her work in Miami hasn’t gone unnoticed, which is why she received an invitation to the 2023 Pro Bowl.

Unfortunately for Schroder, she didn’t have much to cheer about last Friday. That’s because the Dolphins lost 19-3 to the Falcons in their first game since January.
The Dolphins will be back in action this Saturday against the Texans. They won’t play another home game until Sept. 24 against the Broncos.

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